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The Venerable Canon Frederick W. Rivers, Rector
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The Traditional Anglican Church

“When therefore He was raised from the dead, the disciples remembered that He spoke thus; and they believed the scripture, and the word which Jesus had said.”

The last that the world knew of Jesus was that His Body hung on the cross, His life gone. But it was of this Body that He spoke when He told the Jewish leaders that He would raise up the temple of God in three days.

The Church, the Body of Christ, has continued from the time of His resurrection until today to follow in His steps; to proclaim and teach of His Kingdom; to go about doing good; to feed and heal; to spend hours in prayer to His Father, to feel desolation in taking up our own cross. The Church’s history bears witness to Him and He has borne witness to its history: “the works that I do ye shall do, and greater works than these shall ye do, because I go to my Father.”

We are part of the historic undivided Church, set into motion by Christ’s Apostles in the first century, and spreading throughout the Holy Land and into the British Isles and the European continent. The Church Catholic took shape and practiced its’ faith with order, based on the truths of the Incarnate God, all unified in Christ. Christ, the head of a Body, not the teacher of a religion.

In the world of religion, institutionalism fails, unless it is mindful of the Gospel which gives it its meaning. The faith of the Gospel can fade without being mindful of the one historic Church and that its maker and builder is God.

We in the traditional Anglican Church are mindful of the historic Church of divine foundation, as our specific heritage originates from the Catholic faith that grew up in the British Isles in the first century. This traditional Anglican faith is reviving a spirit of faith in the Holy Catholic Church’s set form and doctrines, of love towards her system and of devotion towards her Sacraments. Yet we know and believe that it has transcended time, and possesses, as it always has, what is necessary for life everlasting in the presence of God for each and every human being today.

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