St. Andrew’s Parish

The Venerable Canon Frederick W. Rivers, Rector
8433 N 12th Street Phoenix, AZ 85020

Saint Andrew’s Anglican Church

Anglican Church Rendering

We are humbled and excited for this calling from God to relocate in a place where we will have the opportunity to reach so many more people in order to proclaim our Lord’s salvation and teaching. The new site is surrounded by approximately 5000 homes within a 5 mile radius and is beautifully situated across from a city park. It is going to be a neighborhood parish that will focus first on bringing the Word of God and His Sacraments to longtime Anglicans and those who have never experienced the ancient Anglican Catholic liturgy. Secondly, we will be dedicated to growing a family of believers devoted to each other and to those in their community.

We are anxious to welcome those who are looking for a place of true worship of Almighty God and who are seeking truths and principles upon which to build and improve their lives and those of their children and grandchildren.

We owe so much to members of the congregation of the Church of the Epiphany for making this purchase and project possible, both past and present.

Grant and Sue Ann Babcock of Phoenix generously gave two pieces of property that they owned to the church in the 1990’s.  Those properties were sold several years later, and thus the building fund was started.  We had begun a search for property under the leadership of Father Rivers and his then Senior Warden, Wally Klock.  We also began to add to the fund by holding a Building Fund Sunday collection each quarter on the 5th Sunday month.  Members have been contributing both small and large donations over the years.  In 2010 our new Senior Warden, John Crichton, proposed that we should try to raise $100,000 that year to add to the growing building fund.  This was accomplished in the fall of 2011, just as the property on 40th street was found.  We had the cash to buy the property at a vastly lower price than it would have been just a few years earlier.  The property had been identified and sought after by two other churches over the past  several years, but they could not get the money for the sale.  So we firmly believe that God wanted our group of believers and missionary disciples to be put in this new place to build His Kingdom and make ready as many as possible for the Kingdom of Heaven.

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